I have always wanted to study abroad and experience life in a different country.  For me, my study abroad experience had to happen during the first three years of college, because for my senior year I would be focused on Education classes and being placed in a school for an internship.  I began researching study abroad programs, places, and costs before Freshman year even started.  I planned on studying abroad during my Sophomore year; however, because of Covid, my plans were thwarted.  I was luckily able to find a program that offered just the classes that I needed to take, the UA in Spain program.  I decided to do the full program option and take four classes worth 12 credit hours.  I chose to do this so that I could get a lot of Spanish experience.  Unfortunately, two months before we were to start the program, it got moved to an online only format.  I was devasted! I knew that I did not have that much time to left to find another study abroad program that would work for me.  I also did not want to get my hopes up in case it got canceled, just like the previous two programs that I had tried to participate in.  So, I decided to do the online only format.  Even though this study abroad experience will look different than I expected, I hope to be able to learn Spanish, just like I would if I were in Spain.  I also want to better my ability to use the vosotros form, which is mainly used in Spain.  Lastly, my hope for this odd “study abroad” experience is to get to learn about the country of Spain in numerous different ways.  Even though this experience looks drastically different than anything that I had ever imagined, I am just as excited to have this opportunity! 

Getting my laptop all ready for virtual classes!