As my departure date gets closer and closer, I am feeling a rush of excitement and am ready to go abroad. My name is Jacob Limbocker and I just finished my sophomore year at UA and am about to spend the next six weeks in England where I will be taking classes at the London School of Economics.

I think that the summer after sophomore year is a great time to go abroad because you have already completed two years of college and still have time in the future to look at jobs and internships over summers. I knew that I wanted to go abroad at some point in my college career but going for a whole semester is a long commitment that I did not know if I was ready for. My hopes are that this summer will be the perfect test to see if I would like to come abroad again in the future.

In the past few weeks leading up to my trip I have looked at a lot of videos and read up on studying abroad, especially in London in particular. I have even spoken to some people that have studied abroad and/or lived in London in the past who have given me some ideas of things to do and places to see there. Since I am only there for six weeks, I plan on packing my schedule to get the best experience I can in such a globally popular city. I cannot wait to get there and hope to update the blog with all the cool things there are to do in London!

Flying out of my hometown, Baton Rouge, LA!
Fellow UA student, Forrest Roy, and I on our flight…only 8 hours to London!