I planned to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland through the UA in Ireland: Chemical Engineering program. This opportunity was extremely important to me because I have never left the country and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to do so while also gaining credit towards my degree, studying topics that would aid me in my future career in orthopedic surgery, and exploring the country my family has a rich heritage in. I have faced many struggles in my life and they have given me the strength and drive to broaden my horizons and step out of my comfort zone, something I did by attending UA, 700 miles from home. I intended to do so through this program by going to another country and gaining experience and memories, just as I have at UA. I was extremely saddened to hear the trip would not be taking place but obviously understood the struggles faced around the world with the COVID-19 Pandemic. I hope to eventually have another opportunity to travel abroad to Ireland as well as across Europe in the near future. Until then, I am taking the course online and it will be my last class towards my Chemical Engineering degree!