I can’t believe I am already over halfway done with my program. So far, My most exciting and culturally immersive experience was Italy’s national team winning the euro cup. I went to a big public square for the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. There, all the restaurants had TV’s showing the game with crowds of people around every screen. After they won, the pandemonium that ensued easily surpassed that of Bryant Denny on the Saturday night. The entire city was filled with people, cars, and noise. All the main streets looked like parades. I have always heard about how passionate most countries are about their soccer teams. But I never experienced the extent of their passion until my trip here. This was Italy’s first euro cup win in 52 years and the fans celebrated accordingly. A lifetime sports fan, I found this was an experience of a lifetime.

 Another thing that has been very interesting has been one of my courses. It is an on site archaeology course so we walk around the city of Rome with our professor, learning history and archaeological principles from some of the most historic monuments in the world. It has been a great way to incorporate tourism into academics. Also, I have explored monuments and areas I would not have seen otherwise. 

 Getting to know the workers at my favorite coffee/Gelato shop is another highlight. I love coffee, have a sweet tooth, and enjoy doing work in coffee shops. This makes Guiffre a great option for me. Very close to my apartment, this shop has some of the best Gelato in town and the workers are quite friendly. Chatting with them, practicing my Italian, and trying new Gelato has been very enjoyable. Looking ahead to my last few weeks, I am sad that my time is waning but excited to enjoy these things and more for a little longer.