My first impression of David Morgan was that I thought I was going to be in good hands. Australia's time zone is 14 hours ahead of my time zone, so what I had to do was set up meetings in the afternoons. For instance, 6 pm my time would be 9 am David's time. David for 14 years has worked as managing director for the Niche Marketing Group. An interesting fact, most Australians speak English. David had an Australian accent, but at the same time, I could understand him. Daniel Morgan is my other manager. He currently attends college somewhere in Australia. He studied psychology. At times in the zoom call, various thoughts were running through my mind. I was thinking about getting out of my chair to stretch. Part of my role as the host was to find sauce competitors from both the U.S. and the U.K. Also, I had to input my findings into a spreadsheet in excel. One of the memorable parts about talking to David was when he told me about where his home or business was located. He said along the lines that it is located on one of Australia‚Äôs luxurious beaches. The one thing I will miss is the comfortable conversations I had with David. If I had the chance, I would want to do my internship with David in person. I would never recommend working virtually from home. For me, it was just too distracting. The difference when you are in person is that you can get up and ask for assistance, and you can work alongside your teammates in this case my teammates are my managers: David and Daniel. The communication would be the same in both cases whether virtual or in person.