My internship happens to be with Maybank, one of the top five banks in Southeast Asia. The company has total assets between 165 billion and 200 billion dollars (saw different numbers quoted), has a total of 2,400 branches employing 45,000 people in 20 different countries. This investment bank helps with corporate financing, assisting companies who want to issue their own debt, helps companies with IPOs, and also has customers and companies that invest (asset management). The company has “tiger” values including teamwork, integrity, growth, excellence, efficiency, and relationship building. I find that I can align myself with these qualities. I will be working closely with their Kuala Lumpur office in Malaysia, but will be reporting to their compliance office in London . As a Business major minoring in International Business, I have a strong interest in International Business. Therefore, tasks such as making sure the bank is abiding by banking laws within a specific country, region, or world fascinate me. Additionally, I have an interest in internal control structures and in the foreign corrupt practices act, FCPA, laws that are put in place in order to prevent bribery. My boss just moved back to Kuala Lumpur from London the first week of June, so it was a bit crazy for her at first. Initially, she advised me to read about Maybank and Maybank Asset Management as a whole. Then, she sent a case to read and gave us some guidance on its relevance to Maybank. She forwarded her appointment letter as the Chief Compliance Officer. The following week, I was then asked to draft an email to her new team (compliance personnel in Maybank and Maybank Asset Management) introducing herself. I am excited I get to go along this journey with her in Kuala Lumpur (virtually of course)!
The company logo with the tiger!