As my semester abroad is coming to an end I feel as I have experienced enough to give an overview and the pros and cons of my time here in San Jose Costa Rica. Time has gone by fast and slow at the same time, I remember my first day here like it was yesterday, yet it feels like such as long time ago. To be completely honest the first day was probably the worst day I had to get up at four in the mourning to catch a five hour flight in Atlanta. Flying within the US is stressful enough for me so flying by myself to a different country was quite nerve racking. When I arrived, I was feeling a mix of excited and anxiousness. It took me a while to find my bags and the lady that was supposed to pick my up. If you have the option, I highly suggest you get your tickets and transportation through the program, so you don’t have to figure out a way to get to your homestay by yourself. After I finally got to my homestay, I was greeted by an elderly Costa Rican couple, who were very nice, but they don’t speak English and it was a very long day, so I felt very overwhelmed. It was very late when I arrived so after some greetings and a house tour, I went to my room to unpack and settle in. although the first day was very hard after a good night’s rest, I woke up feeling much better and excited to start my journey. Being here in San Jose in the middle, I’ve got to see just about every part of the country. San Jose itself is in the middle of the country so there aren’t any beaches nearby, but it is in the middle of a mountain range. It is also the capital, so it is a bustling downtown area. My favorite part of the city is the main parks they have incorporated to separate the busy city life and the view from the tops of the mountains are to die for.