My program was unfortunately cut short by about 2 weeks due to the coronavirus. I was told Thursday that I had to leave as soon as possible and I was on a plane Monday morning, so my experience leaving the country and everything that I called home for three months was a bit different and challenging than most peoples. I was not super upset to go home early as I started to get homesick but the abrupt nature of it all was very stressful and emotional. I made a couple of really good friends on my journey; people I wish I could bring back to Alabama with me. Since my program got canceled early we missed out on our farewell dinner, I felt like that would be a good way to close the chapter and visually move on from that life and start thinking of coming back home, but since I didn’t get that, saying goodbye to my friends and host family so sudden was very tough for me. I thought of them as my real family and friends and I spent so much time with them to leave all the sudden was a very emotional rollercoaster. My sadness of leaving quickly turned to joy when my plane landed and I saw my parents, being home and seeing the “Welcome to sweet home Alabama” sign was one of the greatest feelings. Reverse culture shock is a real thing I had to readjust to a life that I was so use to living. It took my stomach a couple of days to get use to the “new” foods and I had very vivid dreams about my time in Costa Rica and kept waking up for a couple of nights. After about a week I was back to normal and felt like I never left, but I will always remember this adventure and wouldn’t change it for the world.