I was in class when my professor mentioned a free study abroad trip for business students, not only the free part caught my attention, I thought it would be neat to go study abroad as a freshman. I know I did not quite have the money for study abroad at the moment so this was an exciting offer. Before deciding on this trip, I had to think about what all it came with, possible culture shock, not being able to go to spring break with friends, and learning more about the business world. I haven’t prepared like I want to but over the next few weeks I plan to start buying clothing and accessories for the trip. I have decided I will be bringing a notebook and pen to take notes during these meetings, I also will be packing scarves, gloves, toboggans, and layers of clothing due to the cold weather expected. I plan to pack all my things the night before and make a list to check off for the morning that we leave. I have several thoughts going through my head from wondering what kinds of food there will be, too if there will be culture shock, and even how much me and my peers will be taking on during this trip. I haven’t really thought about family and friends although when the time comes to board the plane that will probably hit me all at once. I am not only very excited to go abroad, I am also nervous this is a new experience for all of us and I have no clue what to expect. I have became close friends with people going abroad with me on this trip and this has helped me to adjust and cope with my emotions and thoughts a little better. I currently am a general business major, undecided between finance and accounting. I am hoping that after this trip and after meeting with all the businesses I will be able to declare my major. I would love to get the hands on experience and see what exactly these businesses do on a day to day basis. I want to see how people in this country differ from the U.S., although I have been out of the country before this is a new country and you never know what to expect. I am excited to connect with these businesses and hopefully become a better student and also a better business professional.