Hello everyone! I am Alexis Fagan a sophomore at the University! I am a Psychology major on the Pre-med track.

Studying abroad is something i’ve always wanted to do, It crossed my mind multiple time but as a pre-med student I never thought I would be able to fit it in my timeline. After speaking with multiple advisors (my pre-health, psychology, and a study abroad advisor) I was able to move forward in the process. I wanted my semester aboard to be around the same price as my current tuition or cheaper, which lead me to many different countries. Ultimately, chose to study in Athens, Greece. I wanted somewhere with a lot of history and a completely different environment from the states. I sat down to analyze if this was something I truly wanted to do. After all I would be leaving the country for 4 months, my friends and family, and had an immense amount of preparation. I then officially decided to go Greece, it just something I couldn’t pass up! I sent in my application, once approved got to immediately got to work on my visa, passport, etc. 

I had to prepare for the mental and emotional aspects of leaving. So, during fall semester I spent a lot of time with my friend (even if it was dragging them to the library to study). I am an out of state student, about 12 hours away from my family and friends back home, but they are only a phone call away in Greece, I would be 8 hours ahead, on the other side of the world, so I know it will be something to get used to once I arrive. Once the semester ended I struggled with the fact I’m missing out in some ways, all my friends will still be hanging out and going to my favorite place around campus. I have come to realize yes, i’ll miss out on a few things but I am going to Greece! I will be living out a dream of mine, it’s an amazing opportunity that I am grateful for.

So it’s three days before departure and I have a small amount of anxiety around making friends, what the classes are like and graded (At The American College of Greece most classes base your grade from just a midterm paper and a final consisting of 1-5 essay questions), etc. I’ve been easing my mind by journaling and talking to a couple of students coming from the same program. What I am feeling mostly is excitement! No doubt studying aboard comes with new opportunities and experiences, with that I hope to excel in my academics, make friends, travel, try new things, eat lots of food, interact with and live like the locals! To live in a different country for 4 months is so exciting and nerve-wracking and the same time. I can not wait to experience all that Greece has to offer, especially the food!