The center of Bordeaux.

As I enter the last couple of days with my Kedge studies in Bordeaux, I wanted to take this time to reflect on the experience that I have had studying abroad.

First, Kedge itself has been a wonderful school to study abroad with. The courses are interesting, the teachers are diverse and thoughtful, and the other students at the school have been welcoming and exciting. Overall, Kedge has out done my expectations. The campus itself is outside of Bordeaux city center, which makes for some long and often packed tram rides, but the campus itself is big and spacious. It occupies just one building which is very different than UA but overall I would say that I enjoyed it. The staff was helpful and very responsive as well. My only tip with administrative issues would be to visit anyone you need to speak with in person if doable. This makes for a much easier process!

The city of Bordeaux I think has been the perfect place to study abroad. It is very clean, the people are welcoming, and fairly easy to navigate. The tram and bus system is very large making for direct transportation to most locations. I have loved spending my afternoons wandering the small narrow streets of the city and seeing the history that is on every corner. I have enjoyed my runs down by the river, and have loved getting to spend time with friends out on cafe terraces in the evenings. Overall, the city itself is great and I highly recommend living in the city center to anyone thinking about attending Kedge!

During some of my free time this semester, I took the advantage of traveling freely in Europe. I visited Germany, England, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, and numerous cities in France. Through my travels this semester, I have learned very quickly how to adapt in new situations and assimilate into new cultures. I have loved getting to see new European cities and learn about there history and culture.

So far, this semester has been very fulfilling and rewarding. I have met new friends, experienced new things, and taken advantage of what Bordeaux and Europe have to offer. I have not only grown in and educational aspect but I have learned to open my mind to new things and experiences. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested!