Hi everyone, my name is Evans Johnson and I am a senior at The University. I have decided to spend my first semester in the beautiful city of Bordeaux, France at KEDGE University. I write this post as I sit waiting at the airport for the flight that will take me on my next adventure! This was a difficult decision for me as this would be last fall semester on campus. I had to make the terribly hard decision on whether to miss football season or not. Ultimately, the thoughts of traveling through Europe on the weekends, eating wonderful French foods, and studying at a global University sold me on the decision to study abroad.

Preparing for this adventure was like nothing ever before. I’ve have been to Europe and spent time in France, but I had no idea how to pack or what to pack for a full semester. The season will change which ultimately made packing more difficult. I decided to bring along two suitcases which was a good decision I believe. I would rather be prepared with the right essentials rather than be longing for something at home. More issues arose with the baggage as I checked out at the airport, note to self don’t opt out for the cheapest seat, but my luggage is safely checked and on its way to France.

Besides packing, the other thing on my mind as I prepared for this trip was what was the school and culture going to be like? American universities and students are much different than European. The first day of class has been strongly weighing on me as I don’t know what to expect. I have my schedule of classes, and where to be at what time, but other than that I know nothing. I think what scares me the most is not knowing what classes will be like. As I have been in the routine of going to UA buildings and classes that past three years, going to class in France will be a change of pace.

As I head into this adventure, I am excited to see what the future holds. I will get to meet new friends from all over the world, visit with friends from previous experiences, and experience the culture and way of life with the french people. This experience is something that I am excited where it takes me. Stay tuned for updates on my experiences, studies, and travels!


Evans Johnson