I decided to study abroad this summer because I will be beginning my senior year this fall, and it will be my last opportunity as a student to have new academic and personal growth experiences outside the U.S. I have enjoyed studying abroad several different times while being a student at The University of Alabama and each one has led me to discover a new part of myself. I also have always wanted to visit South Africa as it has piqued my interest ever since I was a little girl, mainly because of the exotic animals. I knew there had to be so much more to South Africa than just Safaris, so I searched on the Study Abroad site to see what might be available. I chose my class because I wanted to really know South Africa, not just the touristy things but the culture. I assumed traveling there with a school group would force me to read and see more than I ever would do just visiting there by myself. I have also learned from past study abroad trips that I can appreciate a place so much more when I really immerse myself into the learning aspect of a new place. It is one thing to just see something, or hear about it, but it is potentially life-changing to read about something, be taught about it, and see it with your own eyes. I am excited to experience this new culture, and in order to get ready for it, I made sure to look at the weather forecast to ensure I was packing appropriate clothing. I also looked up on Instagram different places we planned on going to see how people dressed there, and what the atmosphere was like. The weather seems as though it is going to vary so I brought layering clothes, I also brought pants (and I know this is going to sound nerdy) that zip off into shorts to optimize around weather adaptation. This way I could adjust my outfit throughout the day.