Returning home from South Africa was honestly heartbreaking. I enjoyed my experience immensely and could not believe how quickly the time passed. I was so glad I was able to check off something that was on my bucket list since I was a little girl: going on a safari!! This was the most compelling experience that initially attracted me to South Africa, and it was even more amazing than anything I could imagine. I saw a lion in its natural habitat, which was crazy, and so different than seeing one in a zoo. This is because it is rare to see them apparently, so the fact that I got to was amazing, and it wasn’t forced like seeing one at a zoo. I was also able to see many other animals, but it was also South Africa’s landscape that took my breath away. Being out there with no houses, or stores in sight really gave me a chance to see what the natural landscape was all about. Besides this, South Africa is such an interesting place, that has such a heart for music. It seems the people there really appreciate it in a way like no other. Some of the locals told me that music is how they get through everything. When they are happy- they sing, when they are sad- they sing, it is more than just a rhythm it comes from the heart. The South African people have made me appreciate music in a whole new way.