Arriving in a different country is stressful.
It took me about 4 days to adjust. I thought people were bluffing when they said that they have to recuperate from jet lag, but my first flight experience unfortunately proved them to be right. So with that said, be ready to go through the ups and downs of travelling.

Oxford Botanical Gardens

Classes are among the highlights of my experience.
Class for me is one of the best things about studying abroad. I take 2 classes that are held in Worcester College (of Oxford University) with both having curriculum that heavily involves the city that we are in — Oxford. Many of the events we discuss, including places and people, took place here. It is also exciting that we are travelling to those very places. Whenever I enter a building that was built during the times of Henry VIII (or, torn down), or Queen Victoria, I become so overwhelmed with feelings that are unexplainable. It’s like you are walking and breathing in history, if that’s understandable. Also, being in a UA faculty led program has it’s advantages, and one of them is that I will potentially see these professors again and take their classes. It is great to know that I have professors that I can talk to and continue to learn from. If class isn’t something you are looking forward to, then you may want to reconsider studying abroad.

Christ Church, Oxford
Oxford Castle and Prison

FOMO … Nah, I’m good.
Many people try to fill their time by attempting to do and see everything before they leave. There’s a fear of FOMO, which means the ‘fear of missing out’. For me, seeing everything was not a concern of mine and I’ll explain why. Arriving in Oxford, I became so entranced by wonder and possibility and excitement that I forgot I didn’t plan things I wanted to do before I arrived. For the majority of my time abroad, I acted on spontaneity and it was actually relieving. I personally found planning to be too stressful and too time consuming. Being in another country for the first time will bring on the impression that you have to do any and everything just because you feel you have to. There will be times when situations force change, but rest assured, they are the best deviations. One of my favorite things has been sitting outside and taking in the environment around me. I enjoy taking different paths from where I normally go and it is all the more fun. I happen to love stumbling upon random buildings or places that I later find hold significant historical or cultural value. And that, in my opinion, is the joy of studying abroad.