I missed very few things as much as I missed this cat. If I could have taken him with me, I would have never left the UK.

I’ve been back in the states for almost a week now, and every day I find myself forgetting that I am not, in fact, still in England. I didn’t think I’d miss it quite as much as I do, and I miss very specific things. The things I am very thankful to have back are 1)my cat and 2) air conditioning. I’m in South Carolina right now, and it’s going to be 86 f and 83% humidity. Someone please take me back to Inverness.

That’s part of the reason I can’t decide if I’m really homesick for the UK or just really really hot, but there are definitely things I wish I had that I don’t here. Most of them are snacks, not gonna lie, but there are some other things too. I miss Bakewell tarts, but I made one today. I also miss blackcurrant jam, sheep, public transportation, and star mix.

It was really nice to be able to walk everywhere as well, and I miss constantly being surrounded by history. I’m not a huge fan of cities, but Oxford stopped feeling like a city and started feeling like home once I learned to navigate it better. I miss my tiny apartment in the dorms, but I do not miss the scary nightmare stairs to get to it. There’s something about being surrounded by buildings older than the town I live in that made me feel at ease. Nothing is haunted in the US quite like England, and I miss the idea that I could find a ghost anywhere.

I’m definitely hot, and definitely missing English weather, but I’m missing England and the richness I felt there too.