With less than twenty-four hours before I embark on my journey to Oxford University through the UA in Oxford program, I think what experiences I will have there. After all, Oxford University has been an active university for hundreds of years. As a student of history, this shall be of valuable interest and importance to me. The buildings of Oxford University are mosaics unto themselves. The opportunity to study abroad at such a prestigious university is a dream come true. I feel humbled to share such a monumental educational experience with my classmates from the University of Alabama. Interacting with my University of Alabama classmates will make the study abroad experience more interesting and relatable. Worcester College will feel like a second campus for me and my classmates who are looking forward to continuing our education at UA in the fall.

Although most of my time will be spent on the Oxford campus, I am looking forward to exploring London with my classmates as well as visiting Winston Churchill’s bunker from the second world war. My primary goal in exploring these places is to actually experience where history took place. One of the reasons I wanted to study abroad was to experience new things in new places. The UA in Oxford program is a great choice for traveling to new territory for me considering the fact I have not traveled outside the United States in nearly six and a half years.

In closing, I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to my family and the Education Abroad office for awarding me the Education Abroad Grant for allowing me to study abroad. I hope to learn more things about myself while Studying abroad through the UA in Oxford program. The honor to study abroad at Oxford University is humbling and surreal.