Being back in the U.S. for almost a month now is still odd. While in Belize, my skin was acne-free from eating fresh, unprocessed food and swimming in salt water every day. Now, my face is breaking out and I easily get cold since I’m not used to air conditioning. I remember going to Walmart for the first time when I got back was a crazy experience. It was very bright, it was cold and there were so many people.

I miss the ocean and snorkeling every day. I miss swimming with fish and stingrays and nurse sharks. I miss getting around by boat or walking, not by car. I miss diving for conch shells to gather data to see if marine protected areas are actually helping conserve the species. I miss hiking Mayan ruins and learning about the culture from years ago. I miss how welcoming and nice the people were. I just miss Belize.

South Water Caye

This trip has changed me. I want to travel more and see the world, experience what life is like outside the U.S. My bucket list now consists of going to Australia, Costa Rica, and Santorini, Greece. I am looking at companies that have a global presence so I can travel internationally.


When I was waiting to travel to Belize, I was nervous and anxious but I had no reason to be. Getting in and out of both Belize and the U.S. was a breeze. In Atlanta, customs is now machine automated. I met some amazing people and made some life-long friends. I had everything I needed while there. I sustained several minor injuries by accident but I had a medical kit so I definitely recommend bringing one. I wore long-sleeved swim shirts instead of bathing suit tops which helped me from getting sunburned all the time. Even with all the challenges, Belize was phenomenal and I loved every second of it.

Snorkel Selfie

To future travelers of Belize, my advice to you is to soak in every minute of it because 18 days goes by extremely fast and once it’s gone, you’ll wish you were still there.

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2019 University of Alabama group at Big Falls Retreat