The Study Abroad schedule in Spain is structured where we have class Monday through Thursday and on Friday and Saturday we take a field trip to a different city to see the historic places like cathedrals and palaces. During June we have travelled to unique parts of Spain on the weekends such as Toledo, Salamanca, and El Escorial.

This past Saturday we traveled to Aranjuez to see the royal palace. We first walked in the gardens outside the palace. Looking at the old paintings of the gardens, we could imagine how this palace looked 300 years ago when it hosted royal festivals and parties. We went inside the palace and toured through the extravagant rooms of the royal family. We walked through bedrooms, offices, salons, and meeting rooms all decorated with exquisite art and designs. It was an incredible experience and it shows that Study Abroad is so much more than just being in a classroom.

On these weekend field trips, we have seen incredible places like the 500 year old cathedral at Toledo and the Alcázar de Segovia, a castle that has played an important role in Spanish history. It’s been incredible to see inside of these historic places and to learn about the events that took place there. Each place we have visited has had important artistic, cultural, and historical significance. Even the bus rides to and from the places are interesting as you are able to look out at landscapes and cities that are completely different from anything that we have in the United States. During these field trips we have free time at the end. I have used a lot of this free time to try the local restaurants and experience the different flavors of each part of Spain. A lot of my friends like to shop or sightsee during this time so you can do whatever interests you.

Our group in front of the royal palace in Aranjuez.