I knew when I started college that studying abroad was a wonderful opportunity; however, I never thought it would be possible with a nursing school schedule or useful toward my degree. Within the first month of the Fall 2018 semester, the nursing school announced medical mission trips to Greece and Africa. I was so excited about the possibility of traveling with the nursing school! After attending the information meeting, I was very anxious. For one, the trip was 10 days long, very expensive, and I was not sure if I would know anyone else. After talking to my parents about my passion to travel to Africa we decided this trip could be possible by fundraising, scholarship applications, and many tips!

In order to go on this trip, I first had to find a way to pay for it. Through the Vulcan Fund, Nursing School Scholarships, Study Abroad Scholarships, and personal efforts, I was able to fully fund my trip with excess. My effort that raised the most amount of money would be personal letters that I mailed out. If you are looking for a way to raise money for your trip, personal letters go a long way. I typed one letter and made 100 copies that I mailed out to people from our personal address books. I received over $2,000 from this effort alone by people sending in checks to me or by going to my e3 fundraising page and paying through that link. The rest of my trip was covered with scholarships.

I found that you must put the effort in for a trip to happen. As much as you may want it to, a fully funded trip will not just fall into your lap. It took hard work, effort, coming out of my shell, and asking people. More than likely you have people out there who will be more than proud of your efforts, and more than proud to join your journey by donating to you.

The Capstone College of Nursing Team grouped together as they arrived at the Chapa Classic Lodge in Zambia, Africa.
The Capstone College of Nursing team finally made it to Livingstone, Zambia, Africa after 72 hours of travel!