Although I have been in Berlin for a week, I have decided to take the time to reflect on what it took to get here. I will write about my first experiences in another country sometime soon.

I chose to study abroad for a number of reasons. One big one was the cost. Although it was a debate in my family on if we could do it, I convinced them it was 6 credit hours for my minor for in-state tuition in another country. I mean, they were sold on the idea pretty fast. I am also only a sophomore now, so getting to study abroad this early was a great opportunity that I knew I had to take.

When it came to preparing for Berlin, I really had to think about what I needed. I think I did pretty good. I only brought one suitcase. Sure, it was overweight, but it was still just one. That’s pretty light for me. I also knew I was going to need some euros, and I mean a lot. (For future reference, if you want euros from the bank, do NOT go two days before to get them. They probably won’t have them right away.)

It was hard to believe that I was actually going to Germany. The two weeks before my trip, my coworker kept asking me if I was packed yet. I said, “Of course not, I still have time.” But I really did not have as much time as thought. Packing, I had plenty of time. But I really hadn’t thought about being in another country. I remember arriving in Amsterdam for my connecting flight thinking, wow I AM IN ANOTHER COUNTRY!!! That is when I started to freak out, but only a little. I was more excited than anything.

Going into Berlin, I didn’t know what to expect. To be honest, I was thinking a lot about the food and drinks (especially the drinks). I was also very nervous I would have no friends, that my group would not get along at all. I was very afraid of being alone on this trip. But that outcome if for another post ;).

From this (already) life changing experience, I hope to grow. I know the spending is going to take a toll. I hope I become more educated about the culture, history, and language. I hope to gain new experiences with new friends. I don’t know what is going to happen during these next five weeks, but I am more than excited to find out.