While sitting in the D.C. airport, I am already more nervous than I thought I would be. This will be my first international flight alone, and thoughts are running through my mind: what if I have a problem? What if I can’t find my next gate? What do I do?? However, I keep remembering what my parents told me before I left: you are not alone. I have my professor, my fellow classmates, and my family (a short, expensive phone call away). This makes me feel better as I prepare to depart.

Although I have seen pictures of my destination, I am still curious. What will it be like to actually walk the streets I have seen? How will classes abroad be? Many of my abroad classmates have already been to these destinations and have thus become our trip-planning experts, which makes me excited to see what they have in store for us. I know that the real-life experience will be much different than the pictures; how different it will be is the real question.

When anyone asks why I decided to go abroad, I answer that I want to learn outside of the traditional American classroom. Broadening my mindset and experiencing a different country are two things that will propel me forward in my academic career. Seeing how schools look and function internationally will change my outlook on class in America at UA. I am also excited to make new friends along the way. I don’t know anyone that I am travelling with, but spending 3 weeks together should result in us all getting pretty close.

All of my family and friends have been asking if I am excited, nervous, or ready. My answer has been, simply, all three. I am excited to be there and learn, nervous for my flights and new, unexpected experiences, and ready for it all to begin. A new adventure in Croatia awaits!

Ready to fly!