I didn’t think I would miss Barcelona for a while, but I have been home for a week or so and I actually already miss living there. I miss being able to walk out of my apartment and be almost anywhere in less than 20 minutes. It was so easy to live in the city because everything was always so accessible and friends were always just a train ride away. Although many of the friends I made are only a couple hours away, some are all the way across the country. It was really easy for me to take my living situation for granted and the amazing location I had. Being home has made me realize that I took living in the United States for granted. I was shocked at how fast everyone walked when I arrived back at the airport. I had been used to people leisurely walking about for 4 months and didn’t notice how fast-paced Americans always are. Food. I really did love Spanish tapas, but wow did I miss being able to eat almost any type of food whenever I want. In Spain, there weren’t as many healthy options as they have here in the United States so I was extremely relieved to be able to have a smoothie. Lastly, I didn’t realize how friendly people in the United States can be when you are just walking about. In Spain, there was never much interaction between anyone unless you were taking to someone that worked at that store or market. Ultimately, I took a lot of little things for granted while I lived in the United States and it took me studying abroad for 4 months in a different culture to understand and be grateful for what we have here.