As I sit in the airport waiting for my first international flight to take off, I have a variety of emotions going through my head. Excitement for the next few weeks and for all the adventures to come. Anxious for a flight double in length than anything else I have ever had before along with my first connecting flight with only 50 minutes in between. I feel sadden by not knowing when I will see again someone I care about a lot but I know it is a see you later not a goodbye. With all these emotions in mind I have to remember that I am about to have the opportunity of a life time to go explore for the first time somewhere outside of the United States.

            When planning for this trip, I knew that it would be my only chance to explore other countries while still getting school credit. Coming into college I wanted nothing more than to go abroad for a whole semester but with positions held on campus and the need to work over the summers, a trip for the month of May was the perfect opportunity. Not only is the trip I am about to go on during a time that works best for me, I am able to go with those who are in very similar classes as I am and get to know familiar faces.

            When it comes to expectations and goals, my main goal is to go in with an open mind. Being that I have never left the county I have no idea what to expect. I hope to fully go out of my comfort zone and immerse myself in the different cultures.