During this trip, I hope to gain a new perspective of the world. I have been to a few countries in the Caribbean, but I have never been to Europe before. I love to travel, and Paris and London have always been on my bucket list. I never really thought that me being an elementary education major that I would have the opportunity to study abroad. While walking through the study abroad fair back in September, I found Dr. Swain’s stand with the information on this trip. I stood there and talked to her for almost an hour in the 90 degree weather. I was so excited after talking with her. I called my parents and told them about the trip. I told them I would work as hard as I could and pay for it myself, and they told me to go for it. It was a long 8 months of waiting, but now the time is finally here!

I know that I’m not prepared for the culture shock I’m going to experience in France and England. I know things overseas are done differently than they are here in the United States.

I hope to try and experience new things whilst abroad. I have never flown before, so the flight over to Europe is a new experience for me already. I’m super nervous about flying because I am so scared of heights. I’m also a little shy, and I don’t really know anyone going on this trip. I hope this experience leads to lots of new friendships. I’m also super excited about trying all new foods in these two countries.

I have spent several hours online watching YouTube videos and reading blogs from people who have previously been to Europe before. I have googled almost every question I have thought of since September and have tried to read up on the different cultures in the two countries.

I’m hoping while abroad I’m able to make new friendships, lots of memories, and get better in touch with myself and the world.