We are halfway through our trip and so far it has been incredible. Of course it has not been without its challenges. Our first destination, Lime Caye, was a remote 5 acre island around 2 hours away from the mainland by boat. There was few structures, and most everything was outside. There was no AC and only electricity for a few hours a day. But the food and activities were amazing! We spent every morning and afternoon out on the boats doing snorkeling or conducting research. Having snorkeled extensively before this trip I can confirm that the snorkeling in Belize is the one of the best sights I have ever seen.   The coral is vibrant and there are a huge variety of tropical fish. I’ve seen at least 50 different species at this point, and am learning to identify all of them! While this part of the trip has been slightly physically and mentally, I am so thankful for the challenges, because they make the rewards, like seeing fish and making a bunch of new friends within just a few days. We have had no cell phone service, and it’s been great to completely unplug for a few days. It definitely helped me make immediate relationships with the people around me without the distractions of social media. After the island we are now spending a few days on the mainland before going to another caye farther north in Belize. We have visited some ruins and some Mayan villages and it is so cool to see the culture differences. They still wear homemade clothing sometimes and spend their time making traditional crafts to sell at markets. They eat a lot of beans and tortillas, and cook on traditional stoves. They are also very friendly and hospitable, as they happily welcomed us into their village and their homes. After the mainland stay, we are onto Southwater key off the coast near Dangriga. Everyone is very excited to go back to the beach after being on the super hot mainland for a few days. This trip is incredible so far and I cannot wait to see what the rest of it brings!