Upon deciding that I wanted to study abroad in South Africa, I received a lot of questions and backlash. I got many questions such as “Why Africa?” Comments such as “I would never go there.” and “Make sure you get your shots.” I am honestly not sure why I chose South Africa as my first trip out of the country. I honestly just committed to this program because I wanted to go out of the country. So when my roommate presented this opportunity, I jumped on it. One of my key determining factors for this trip was the budget. I figured the amount I paid for this trip was pretty good considering the experience I would get and the credits I would receive.

Most of my preparation for this trip consisted of ripping and running back and forth from the financial aid office. The most stressful part of this trip for me was wondering if I would have enough money to cover this trip. The pre-trip readings and papers were also very stressful for me. Packing was also an issue for me. I have a tendency of over packing; So, I was afraid my suitcase would be overweight or I would forget something. My suitcase was packed full of neutral/ earth toned fall clothes.

Although I had several emotions running through my mind, I got through it. If there was one emotion to wrap up my entire preparation experience it would be anxious. I have a very bad tendency of being anxious especially over things I cannot control. I was worried about things such as finances, the flight, and how it would be when I got there. All these feelings soon faded away once I got on the plane.

I hoped to learn a lot of valuable information from this trip. I want to explore this country as much as I can. I want to see animals such as lions and zebras in their natural habitats during the safari. I want to learn about other cultures and experience a new way of life. Hopefully, this trip will be an eye opening experience for my peers and me.

Arrival at O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg