The contrast between Johannesburg and Cape Town is immense, but I value both experiences exponentially. Many parts of Cape Town could be described as ~boujee~. Our first stop was a high-class beachfront location. It was a starch difference between the people and scenery in Cape Town versus Johannesburg. They were both beautiful and unique in their own way, but very different from each other.

Our first full day in Cape Town was spent exploring winery and markets. This was a great time for us to capture insta worthy shots and bargain for crafts souvenirs to bring home to our family and friends. In the following days, we did some more shopping at a huge mall at the Waterfront. We were able to visit Robben Island were famous freedom fighters like Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu imprisoned.

We also had time to visit Langa, District 6, Bo-Kaap, and the University of Cape Town. We had a well-rounded cultural learning experience, but Cape Town was special to me because of the friendships that I made. My roommates became my close friends, and one of them became real close friend. The nightlife in Cape Town was electric, and we were able to become friends with some locals our age.

It was not easy for me to leave Cape Town and the country of South Africa in general. I learned so much, and I built great friendships over the course of just two weeks. When I landed back home in Oklahoma City, I will admit that America seemed a bit plain in comparison to SA. But, being back with my family did make me happy to be home. Overall, I am very thankful for my study abroad experience, and I hope to return to South Africa in the near future.