My time in Australia is coming to an end quickly even though it feels like it has just begun. The nice thing about studying in the southern hemisphere is that while all my friends frozen in the winter months we had a hot summer.  Now that it’s winter here, it still feels like a summer back home with temperatures around 70 degrees every day.  I still have round a month left of my travels through the country with the possibility to extend that time.  I have seen so much in the 3 short months that I been blessed to be here. One of the main things a lot of people don’t realize about Australia is that it is roughly the same size as the States…only upside down! I am study in Brisbane and absolutely adore this city.  Brisbane is located about an hour plane ride north of Sydney.  The location of Brisbane is the red dot on the image below. 

The climate of Brisbane is roughly equivalent to that of Atlanta, Georgia.  Brisbane is an amazing city with all kinds of events happening all the time.  Most people wonder why I decided to study in Brisbane as opposed to Sydney, the most well-known city in Australia.  The honest answer I tell them is simply the school I currently attend, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), had all my course I needed, while a university in Sydney did not.  I am incredibly happy to be living in Brisbane, however, and wouldn’t even think of trading it for living in Sydney.

 Brisbane is a hidden jewel of Australia.  I am living in an area of the city called South Bank.  South Bank is known a few very unique things.  The “BRISBANE” sign is located in South Bank.  This is a must go location if one is interested in getting a cute tourist picture.  The Wheel of Brisbane is located directly next to this sign.  On the less touristy side, the performing arts centre in across from both of these tourist attractions.

Traveling along the river, there is a kilometer-long archway filled with live purple flowering plants.  This archway is one of the defining traits of South Bank because this purple flowering archway can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.  A local treat is Streets Beach also located in South Bank.  This is an actual beach right in front, but separated, from the river.  The chlorinated water and the sand make for a great break from the busy city life…while still in the city!

This is just one area of the city; there are so many more areas with their special attractions as well.  Since I am living in South Bank it just happens to be the area I have discovered the most, although I am slowly exploring more and more of the city.  I truly do think I will come back to Brisbane in the future, either as a visitor or for an extended time to work.  So unbelievably blessed for the opportunity to come here and study!