This week before going abroad has been crazy! I was on the way home from UA when I realized I did not have my passport. I went back to my apartment in Tuscaloosa and looked EVERYWHERE before accepting defeat. I was freaking out because I only had 8 days before leaving. I also felt disappointed in myself for losing the most important thing for my travels. After taking a deep breath, I was able to make an appointment at the nearest passport center, which in my case is in New Orleans. Luckily I was able to get an expedited passport and received it that day. My dad came with me and we even made a fun day in New Orleans out of it. I would advise anyone who’s going abroad to put their passport in a safe place and to not move it from that place until you are leaving. I would even write a note on your phone where you have placed the passport, even if it seems like you would never forget where it is. Despite the passport fiasco, I have had a good week spending time with family and friends before I leave. I had a going away party so I could see everyone I needed to see at once. I also logged off of all social media because I want to be as present as possible while I’m away. I have told everyone I wish to keep in contact with to get the app “What’sapp” so that we can keep up while I am gone. I am nervous but super excited about going to Barranquilla, Colombia!