As our trip starts to come to a close, we are at our second home base, Prague. I have made some very close friends over the past week and we traveled all through Belgium together. We even went to Luxembourg and France for a day! It has been one crazy experience but I have loved every second and I cannot wait for our last few days together.

            We had class last week and it was cool to learn different viewpoints about IFRS and if people think the US should switch or not. We took our final yesterday morning so that our last few days can be relaxing. It was interesting to take classes at the host University as we felt like true abroad students even though all of us go to UA. We had to walk from the hotel and take a tram to the University then find our way to the different class rooms.

            Everyone we have met so far has been very friendly and interested in knowing why we picked the locations we did. I have also become surprised at how many people speak English as a second language and even some a fifth language. I did not realize how little we know at home compared to those around the world in relation to speaking multiple languages. We did a boat tour one day in Ghent, Belgium and our tour guide told us that in order to work in that city you must know 4 languages. Hearing this was definitely a shock.

            I am beyond excited to finish our last few days in Prague and get home to not be living out of our suitcase but I know I will miss these places greatly. Talk to you soon!

This is when our group went on a segway tour in Brugge, Belgium!