I knew coming in that Leicester was known for its diversity, but it wasn’t until I became more comfortable that I would realize just how special and interesting this city was.

When I had locked in my decision to study abroad in the UK, everyone’s first thought immediately went to the food. The bland, single-colored, double battered, malt-vinegar coated Fish and chips was a pure staple. If not the fish, then the mushy peas. All of which do not carry with them the same romanticized perceptions that the Italian or French cuisines might. Leicester provides so much more. The curries, kebabs, shawarma, and doner that come from the city’s vibrant Turkish influence have been incredible. I have eaten more lamb since my arrival than anything else and have loved every single bite. I’m not sure that the point of these posts is for me to fangirl over the food. I would imagine someone would like me to talk about the curriculum, people, acclimation, etc, but for someone who just likes to eat like me, this has been far and away one of the most rewarding aspects of studying in Leicester.

Leicester is known throughout the UK for its “Golden Mile,” a stretch of road thought to be one of the most diverse streets in the country. Gifts, food, shops line the sidewalks, with brightly colored buildings occupying the backdrop. It’s a stretch of road that summarizes the rest of the city, demonstrating in a more condense way the multitude of nationalities and cultures that have built this city. For someone coming from rural Alabama, the impact of being exposed to the beauty of multiples cultures coming together is impossible to measure.