I chose to study abroad in Australia. Why Australia? All my friends asked numerous times… Well…. I just wanted to. I have always had an immense calling to towards the Australian culture, beaches, social scene. Everything about Australians I have always loved. When I was a sophomore in college my sister brought home a few Aussies studying at her college to show them Washington D.C. When I met them I fell in love with the fun-loving, social atmosphere they seem to bring onto my whole family. Just being around the Aussies made me smile. For the past few years, I have been researching everything I could about life in Australia. Now that I am actually leaving I have been going through so many emotions. I was scared at first to leave all my friends behind. I feel as if the 16+ hour time difference is going to be a large enough gap that I will lose touch with my home school. I am worried that the boy I like won’t like me when I get home because talking will be hard. A part of me doesn’t want to go because I don’t want to miss out on the fun at school but I just keep reminding myself how much more amazing Australia is going to be. I have been having a lot of anxiety about being literally across the world but I am sure as soon as I am settled it will go away. Australias semesters are different because their summer is our winter so I had a two-month gap before I could leave Maryland. Being home for two months just working before I could leave made things worse. I wasn’t at school in Bama with my friends and none of my friends were home in Maryland. Netflix and anxiety became very close to me. I worked all day every day just to occupy myself so I wouldn’t over think about missing out on things. But its finally time to go. I hope that all this anxiety leads to the best semester yet!

About to leave the states! Finally!