My name is DyQwan L. and I will be writing about my feelings on my pre-departure to France. This is my first time out of country and I am very nervous. I find myself daydreaming of the adventures that are to come but also the challenges of intergrating myself into another culture. I have tried to study about my destination on multiple accotions but I am still not sure it is sufficient. My mother drove me to the airport today and despite all of my pleading for the past few weeks she still decided to cry as I got out of the car. It is at this moment I am hit with a wave of anxiety as I step into the airports gates. The lights are bright the air is cold and surprisingly it is very crowded early in the morning. Through this time of unease I still find myself smiling from ear to ear. Once I realized that I was smiling even though fear was making my stomach turn flips I find out why. My sense of excitement and adventure is trying to overpower all of my fears and doubt. Yes it is very scary to know that I will be away from my family and friends but, however I know that this is a chance of a lifetime. As I sit waiting for my first flight I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes “ Fear does not prevent death it prevents life”-Unknown. This alone puts me at ease about my decisions and turns most of my anxiety into anticipation and I am finally prepared.