Packing up and moving for 5 months is not an easy feat. Especially when you have to add baggage weight limitations and the ability to take everything you have on the go. Then you add in the fear of something being lost or stolen, and it turns into an even more overwhelming task. I somehow managed to take a carry on, backpack, and one checked bag with me for my semester in Barcelona. When I arrived I noticed that many other people had up to three checked bags!! (Crazy) Overall, packing light is to your advantage. You were probably already going to buy new clothes for the social scene, weather, etc. of your new location. What a lot of people seem to forget is that they have to get everything back too! I recommend, if it’s possible for you, bring the basics and then acquire specialties in your new study abroad location. When you’re packing for travels make sure you keep anything irreplaceable on you. All my camera equipment (pictured above) went into my backpack that never left my hands. Luggage being lost is all too common. Don’t take a chance on important things! Also always travel with extra photo copies of visa, passport, and ID. You want to be over-prepared instead of scrambling to fix mistakes. Remember your luggage locks and the important things outlined above and you’ll be a step ahead of the curve!