The day before I left to start this amazing journey, I felt as if my heart would explode with all of these emotions that I couldn’t express. I was excited to experience a different culture, I was excited to meet my host family. However, I was also nervous about the unknown. I didn’t know what my field placement would be like, I didn’t know what my routine would be like, and I was practicing social work for the first time! One mistake and I could affect the lives of others or communities. Yikes! All of these factors on top of me missing my friends and family who I see and talk to everyday. Three months of not being able to create memories with them or be apart of their daily lives in the United States was the worst feeling.

The day of my departure: with even more heavy emotions on my heart, I tearfully checked in and entered the TSA security checkpoint line…still looking back at my family.

Out of all of the sadness and heavy emotions, not once did I tell myself that boarding this plane that would eventually lead me to Accra, Ghana was the wrong thing to do. Not once did I have a regret about pursuing this journey that I’ve wanted for a long time. I knew that this was the right path for me. I knew that I was meant for this.

I’ve always said that I wanted to change the world, but somehow I feel like I need to let the world change me first. Going to Ghana will allow me to learn things that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do in a normal and comfortable setting. I wouldn’t be able to grow and develop in order to be able to positively impact the world. Getting out of my comfort zone was needed in order to realize this.

So off I go!