Howdy Friends,

It’s me again. I am back safely in Texas after a nearly flawless airport experience and have never been more excited to see my dog (and family, of course) in my life. The dream of a month long adventure through Italy has sadly come to a stuttering halt. Each week I was there seemed to go faster and faster, until the whole month was up and suddenly here I am, back at home with uninterrupted internet connection and I am honestly not quite sure how I feel about it.

This is what makes me think that reverse culture shock must be real. I cannot say I felt any culture shock on my arrival to Italy. It was more of an overwhelmed exhaustion and just enough excitement to keep me awake and on my feet. On my arrival home, though, I have certainly noticed some longing in my heart for the Italian culture I had just become accustomed to. No more cobble stone paths, but major highways crowded with massive vehicles. No more historical ruins or artistic masterpieces, but fresh, newly built buildings. No more carefree and guiltless stops for gelato, but calorie counting and exercise. There is nothing wrong with Texas, as anyone from Texas would agree, but the fact that my dream study abroad trip came and went so quickly was a bit staggering. Not to mention the never-ending to-do list I had waiting for me in the States. Everything I see, eat, or do reminds me of Italy, and I cannot stop talking about how great it was. It is like I am a stage five clinger going through a really ugly breakup.

Even though I am beyond stressed about getting ready for class, finishing up assignments, and moving in, I really am lucky that my study abroad trip gave me something to miss.