Yesterday, I had to pack up what had been home for six weeks and say my good-byes. Now, I am sitting on a plane heading back to Alabama. It is a little bittersweet as I hated to leave, but I can’t wait to see all my people back home.

Off I Go!

So here is my run-down for the past six weeks. I love Barcelona and the memories it gave me. I started my journey for my Spanish minor and I learned so much about the language from my teachers and host mom. I also took a course on Spanish Civilization and Culture, so I got to learn about Spain’s history and society from their very own. I genuinely enjoyed the classes I took and I am thankful for the knowledge I have gained not just about the country or its’ language, but also about the people and how they live.

I love people and learning about their own lives and experiences. Everywhere I go, I try to pay attention to people more than anything else. Even though they come from different backgrounds and cultures, I am reminded that we really aren’t all that different. Kindness and compassion are universal no matter what country you are in or what language you speak. Luckily for me, I met some pretty amazing people while abroad. I loved the group of students I was in the program with and made most of my memories while with them. I loved my directors and sweet host mom who were so welcoming and there for all my needs (and wants). I loved the people of ICB where I got to attend church while abroad. I loved each and every person I came across that was patient with my Spanish and terrible sense of direction. I might not love the guy that told me my English was not very good… hahaha kidding… but come on, has he never heard a southern accent before? All jokes aside, the people of Barcelona were kind-hearted, understanding, and gracious.

Part of the Girl Gang on Sant Joan

Host Mom Louisa and Co-Director Marta!

Before leaving for my trip, I said that I wanted to fully and whole-heartedly emerge myself into the Spanish culture, and I leave knowing that I did just that. So as sad as it is to say, “see you later,” I am happy and blessed to know that I am returning home with six weeks full of lifetime memories, sweet friendships, and a place to feel at home when I visit again.

My favorite view of BCN from Bunkers del Carmel