My name is Noah Dasinger and for the fall semester of 2018, I will be studying at the Lorenzo de Medici Institute, in Florence Italy. The motivation for deciding to study abroad has to do with my major which is art history and my interest in Renaissance Art. At 14 years old I traveled to Florence, it was my first time in Europe and when I turned northeast and saw the Duomo of the city, never before had my eyes seen beauty of immeasurable proportions.

That is why I’m going back to Florence to live and be in contact with what I love. Many other factors also played into my decision, specifically the course curriculum the Institute offers. They have courses ranging in all fields of Renaissance history. Courses on the Medici, Palaces in Florence, and much more, all knowledge that would be hard to obtain without studying in Florence. Three key factors led to some hesitation to study abroad but eventually, I overcame them and came to my conclusion. The hardest issue holding me back was leaving my friends, girlfriend and the ones I loved, but without their support, I never would be going abroad so they unknowingly motivated me.

I am scared stepping into a new environment with new issues and lifestyle I had not spent much time adapting too. The language scared me but, I’ve been taking Italian for two years now  and I know I can do this. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, walk into the fog rather than turn and run. I am very excited for this semester. My life will be changed for the better and I can’t wait.

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