I’m currently a week away from the daunting flight that will take me to India. I keep glancing at my luggage, still debating on whether I’ve packed too much or too little. I guess in my next post I’ll be able to update you on that specific question… still not sure which one would be better.
As I’m packed and ready to go, I’m thinking about how I got myself involved in a trip all the way to Asia. I would say I just kind of heard of the trip through the STEM program and realized I would have to take IBA 500. The option was either online in Tuscaloosa or In Delhi, India. It didn’t take much to convince me to sign up. I think I might have been a little rash in my decision as I have to admit to myself, and you, that I’m not the best traveler. I like being home and in my comfort zone. But I’m 22 and it’s time to grow up and see the world.
So how am I feeling right about now? Definitely nervous. I’m really not sure what to expect except for what students have previously been on this trip have told me. Most of the comments consisted of “You’re probably going to get sick so bring medicine” and “Beware of Delhi Belly”. If you’re not familiar with Delhi Belly, I encourage you to google it and maybe you can understand why I’m freaking out. Besides the warnings, everyone has encouraged the trip and said they’d 100% go back if they could, so I’ll be focusing on that part of their advice for sure. I’ve been meditating on the word “adapt” and I believe I’ll be adopting this word as the theme of my trip. The goal is that I can adapt my feelings, attitude, and behavior to anything that I will face. I’ll keep you informed if it’s possible to adapt to Delhi belly…. (crossing my fingers I didn’t just jinx myself). Next post I hope to have a lot more to divulge as I’ll be posting from India!!!!!

















Signing off,
Mary Leigh