My journey to Ireland was one of the best experiences of my life. I have made friendships that I believe will last and connections that could guide me on my way to my career. I went on the trip knowing no one, and by the conclusion of the trip, I feel that I had a personal moment or conversation of some kind with every person in the group. The most important thing about travel is who you travel with, and this group contained some of the most kind and receptive people I have encountered. I saw sights that I cannot describe without showing the pictures I took to document my time in a place I never imagined going to. Ireland is a truly beautiful place. Everywhere in the country you go, there is a sense of natural beauty that cannot be rivaled in its vastness. Staring out into the ocean from the tops of cliffs with the fresh sea air flying around you is beyond compare. I swam in oceans, walked to the top of ancient castles, biked across an island, visited the home of W. B. Yeats, saw famous directors and actors introduce the premieres of incredible films, and explored the city night life with some wonderful people. I feel a motivation and a passion to take charge in my life that I did not feel before. It is easy to get wrapped up in a mundane, unfulfilling cycle of work without realizing it or to see your dreams as far away goals. After travelling thousands of miles and seeing incredible things, I realize the independence I have and the complete lack of obstacles keeping me from creating anything I imagine. I have seen the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation and met people who can help my dreams become realities. I am thankful for the inspiration and the memories. I am unceasingly thankful I went into the unknown and journeyed to Ireland.