Moving backwards just a little bit into my time over break. I was lucky to have been able to visit a whole new country rather than returning home! At first I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like, but my friend that I’ve known for about 2 years was more than happy to show me around!

That country just so happens to be:

Welcome to Singapore!

Singapore! The weather was absolutely beautiful the whole time I was there, and the food was to die for! Thanks to my friend, I was able to discover the joy that is eating kaya toast in the morning. Not to mention how delicious laksa is!

Observation Deck.

Food wasn’t the only fun I was able to have in Singapore though, I was also able to go see the gardens and go up on the observation deck of this super tall hotel!

The view!

We could see so far from up there, it was truly amazing! Considering that the country of Singapore is so small in comparison to the US, it felt like we could really see everything from up there! Though, admittedly, I was just a little bit afraid of the height.

If I hadn’t come to Japan, I definitely wouldn’t have ever been able to visit as amazing a place as Singapore. Nor would I have been able to have a great time learning about South-East Asia with my friend! I think that this trip has definitely broadened my horizons, and someday in the future, I really would love to go back to Singapore and visit once more.

But for now, Japan is wonderful as well!