Annnnnnd, we’re back. In America. The home of the brave and land of the free and what not. And let me tell you, it actually is kind of nice to be back. My first night home I all but guzzled a cup of cheese dip at my favorite local Mexican restaurant. Later that week I said a prayer of thanks to every saint and God in the world as I enjoyed hot wings with ranch. Don’t even get me started on how I reacted when I finally had my favorite home-cooked meal or got to drive my car or see my dog. It was glorious. But I have to be honest, I only got to bask in the glory of it all for about a week. Then I was ready to go back. Not necessarily back to London or even Europe, but back to living a life full of travel and adventure. A life of exploring a new part of town, a new city or a new country every single week. This need to see, explore and learn was already a part of me before I went abroad, but now it almost has a life of its own. This overwhelming urge to keep moving and keep experiencing is what has inspired my ultimate piece of advice. Don’t stop. Just because you are back home in America does not mean that you must stay there. I’m not saying blow all of your money (again) and head back across the globe. It doesn’t have to be that complicated (or expensive). Find a town near yours that has something interesting you’d like to see or experience and go. Better yet, find something in your town you’ve never done and do it. Plan a trip to visit somewhere you’ve never been in America. If I learned anything while being in Europe, it’s to take advantage of what is around you. While in London that meant weekends in Paris or Brussels. Back home in Alabama that means spending the weekend exploring Nashville or taking a trip to see an old friend in Utah. Is it as conventionally glamourous? No. But the excitement and wonder of seeing something new is not limited to Europe or Asia. It is just as exciting to explore something new on your own side of the globe.