So, I have been back in sweet home Alabama for a few weeks now, and honestly it does not feel so sweet.  Living in Italy for a month was such an amazing experience; it was really eye opening to see how other people live their lives.  I lived in the heart of Florence for most of my trip with amazing artwork and culture around me at alltimes.  The cathedral was a two minute walk from my apartment, my school was a fifteen minute walk away, Pitti Palace a twenty minute walk away.  I really enjoyed being able to walk everywhere I needed to go, there was not a day that I walked less than five miles; and I loved it!  It was so refreshing to be able to go for a short walk and see something new and amazing each time.  You never knew exactly what you would find, such as stumbling across the location where the original David was or walking past a church to realize you are looking at Nani di Banco’s famous Four Saints sculptures.  Of course, most statues on display are replicas but it is still astonishing to see them where the originals stood.  My point is, there was just so much amazing history in the heart of Florence and back home here in Alabama just does not compare.  Since I have had the blues since coming back home, I would suggest documenting what you liked most about your trip and trying to incorporate some of those things into your daily life here in America.  I have been researching more about where I live and getting out more to see the scenery since I got back home from Italy.  My study abroad trip really made an impact on me, and I will remember it for the rest of my life. 🙂