Saying goodbye to the people of Zambia was very sad. The last day of clinic we had to turn away the most people we had all week. It was the hardest thing for us all to say we could not help everyone but as we left we dropped off our extra medicine at a pharmacy for the doctors to give away for free. Although it was sad leaving we did have one last adventure for our trip, a safari! We got the opportunity to stay at a traditional english lodge that was located on a reservation the size of Whales. As a group we took up the whole lodge, every hut and tent they had was taken by us.

When we arrived we were welcomed with tea and cookies and information of going on a night time safari. The chance to see lions, elephants, hippos, monkeys and any other animal was so exciting! We got into 3 safari jeeps and within the first 3 minutes saw our first African animal, it looked like a deer. BUT in the first 10 minutes I saw my first elephant other than at a circus or Big Al of course. It was the coolest thing to see when they were 30 to 50 yards away but as soon as it came charging for our car I was totally freaked and the cute animal became terrifying. I liked the distance but they were still such beautiful creatures. We got to go on another safari in the morning which was just as cool as the first one and saw all the same animals. We left that afternoon for the capital of Zambia where we would fly back to America. The trip ended on a great and exciting note! I will be back to Zambia sometime in my life and will bring family and friends with me to see such a wonderful place. Thats all for now Africa, you will be missed!