I’m suffering from some serious Italy withdrawals. I am so bored now that I am home. I must admit my view here cannot compete with my view from my apartment in Florence. I just miss the smells of fresh food and the water from the river. I also miss the pizza (I haven’t dared to eat a bite since I returned home). I am so grateful for the opportunity to study abroad.  I feel like a new person, I learned so much about myself and the culture. I even started to like things that I didn’t like before. The biggest thing I admire is the amount of pride Italian people put into everything. As an American I’m accustom to being in a rush sometimes and eating some canned Spaghettio’s or some other processed food that Italians scoff at. I am putting so much care into what I put into my body now because of all the fresh foods that I ate while I was away. One thing I had gotten used to was walking everywhere and going on these fun excursions everyday and walking over 5 miles a day and now that I’m home I only walk to the drive way. I am a little sad because I didn’t realize how poorly I was living at home until I got back and had absolutely no idea what to do with myself. I was amazed at how similar and different we are at the same time. I will definitely return with my family in the future because spending an extended amount of time overseas is a teaching experience I feel almost every person should get to experience in their lifetime.