My first few days in Madrid were full of sleepy days and sweaty nights. The time difference hit me hard the first few days and all I wanted to do was sleep! Another huge difference was the lack of AC in the bedrooms which led to sleepless night of sweating and cold showers. Prepare for a warm summer but don’t let it get the best of you.
I didn’t know what to expect food wise from Spain. Eating at the residence cafeteria was very different than I expected. Much of the food was fried and my body went into shock. I spent a few days not eating. Don’t be like this; try everything and go to the grocery store if you need other sources.
During the second week, my body got sick and weak due to the shock of a completely different environment so quickly. It was extremely difficult to wake up in the mornings and go to class and walk around the city. Thankfully the school provides us with great insurance so a quick trip to the doctor fixed all that. If your body decides to freak out, don’t worry. Half of the problem is the anxiety of being in a different country but all you can do is shake it off and embrace your new environment. If you get sick, don’t be afraid to ask your directors for help. You will get over it and the next couple weeks will be so much better. Once you find your groove, you can become a part of the culture around you.
Many things are going to catch you off guard and be a little scary and different, but you must keep going and push forward so you can appreciate where life has brought you. Make the absolute most out of every situation.