Study abroad experiences alway provide a very unique perspective of a country new or old. Based on this, I knew that I wanted to study abroad somewhere where I had already spent some time on my own. This would allow me to get a very new perspective on a country that I have already had time to visit and understand.

Choosing the UA Study Abroad experience with STEM MBA, I decided to visit India. Having visited before, I had had a chance to get comfortable with the country, but not understand the ins and outs of its day-to-day functions or its unique culture and people. During my study abroad, I hope to dive deeper into India and begin to understand the people and society. Spending almost one month here, I look forwards to the time I will get to spend immersed in this culture.


To improve my experience, I have elected to arrive in India, 2 weeks prior to the kickoff of my study abroad. This will bring my total time in the country to six weeks, really giving me time to reflect on my experience. Hopefully with this extra time, I will be able to visit India on my own and then once again with my peers and classmates to understand it as a group. This will be a valuable experience and improve my understanding of this country.


Overall, I look forwards to this experience and my trip with UA Study Abroad with STEM MBA in India. I am excited to learn about International Business and understand have global markets have an impact on business decisions. I hope to play a part in developing some of these markets during my time on this study abroad, one of the key goals for our group.