I have been in Greece for two weeks and only have one more to go. It has been bittersweet thinking about leaving this beautiful country, but I am excited to go home to tell my family and friends everything.

This program entails us to travel throughout the country of Greece. We have stayed in six hotels thus far. My first stop was Santorini and I was astounded by that island. It was exactly how the movies depicted it and how I only ever thought Greece would look like. I have never been so happy to be wrong. As we travel more and more through the country, it just gets more beautiful. Nothing is the same. Greece is extremely more mountainous than I ever thought it would be.

There is a checklist of fears you go through when traveling for a study abroad trip. The first fear is the traveling itself. Especially travelling alone, it can be extremely scary. Once you get to your destination, your next fear is meeting the group of students that you are in the program with. It is crucial that everybody can get along. They are your life-lines while you are away. Finally, once you meet everyone, the next fear is the class work. I never knew it would be so hard to do simple homework while abroad.

I have not experienced any awful language boundaries. Communicating has been relatively easy. Every restaurant I have gone to, has had about the same food options but they are always good. I had to get used to some new spices in foods that I’m not used to. For example, the tomato sauce and ketchup has cinnamon in it. Whereas, I am used to these foods as salty, they are sweeter here.

Other than the fact that I am experiencing this beautiful country, my favorite part about this trip is meeting new people. I love the group that are enrolled in this program with me. Everybody is unique but accepting. I am going to make this last week count.