The day trip to Versailles was definitely something that I will never forget. The train ride was relatively short and my roommate and I got met some really nice couple from New Jersey and New York who were visiting Paris as well. We talked with them the whole way there and they told us some great spots to tour that aren’t crowded with tourists that we would definitely take into consideration. After the 45 minute train ride, we all walked to the town outside the Chateau and went to Starbucks for breakfast. Here, I tried to order a bagel, but epically failed and showed that I was American since they didn’t have them. ¬†After Starbucks, we walked up the the Chateau and started the tour of the house. It was absolutely beautiful. Every room was decorated in artwork and vibrant colors from head to toe. The Hall of Mirrors was emaculate. There were mirrors all around the grand room with beautiful chandeliers suspended in the air above us. A few of us even took a group selfie in one of the mirrors. Next, we went into the where the King’s room. Just like the rest of the house, it was absolutely beautiful. It was painted in gold with a red and gold pattern for the bed. Surprisingly, the bed looked to be very small. We soon found out that the bed was smaller since people back in King Louis’ day were very tiny people.

Soon after touring the inside of the house, we entered the gardens. I had never seen so much beauty and extra-ness in one place. The gardens were so emaculate and perfectly groomed; every single plant was placed carefully in a specific place. To enjoy the gardens even more, a few people in my group went to a cafe for lunch that was in the gardens. There, we ate and admired the serenity of the lush greenery around us. Unfortunately, my specific group ran out of time and wasn’t able to see Marie Antionette’s living quarters, but we were able to see our friends pictures that stayed behind to see it. All in all, Chateau de Versailles was super beautiful and I would definitley go again if I’m able to visit Paris in the future.